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Air Filtration / Cleaning Systems

Pollutants like dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses find their way into your home's air every day. These pollutants can cause poor indoor air quality, which impacts both your home environment and health. At the very least, poor air quality can make your home uncomfortable. And, if your one of more than 50 million Americans who suffer from allergies, poor air quality can make your home very unhealthy.

Benefits of good indoor air quality

  • Health An environment with reduced levels of potentially harmful contaminants
  • Cleanliness A home environment with a minimal amount of dust, dirt and odors
  • Comfort Proper humidity, air distribution and temperature control

Lennox Air Filtration HEPA

Lennox Air Filter

A Healthy Climate high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) bypass filtration system can go a long way toward improving the air you breath. Using the same filtration technology found in hospital operating rooms and science labs, a HEPA system removes nearly all allergy-inducing contaminants, including even the smallest particles and bacteria. It filters and freshens the air, so you can breathe easier.

Lennox offers the following Healthy Climate Indoor Air Quality HEPA Systems:

  • HEPA-20
  • HEPA-30
  • HEPA-60


Lennox Box Media Air Cleaners

Lennox Air Cleaner
Box Media Graph

The Lennox Healthy Climate Box Media Air Cleaner (BMAC) is designed to capture smaller particles that slip past most conventional filters. It keeps clean air circulating throughout your home, which makes your heating and cooling system work more efficiently.

Conventional filters capture pollutants mainly by trapping larger particles on the filter surface, which restricts air-flow. The Box Media Air Cleaner draws particles as small as .3 microns deep inside the filter, allowing maximum airflow and filtration efficiency. The result is cleaner air, lower utility bills and longer filter life.

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